Samarcu Quality


Years of experience

Technomagical... quality!

SAMARCU is a company of OTLAV group

Quality is ensured by the skills of the people who carry out physical-chemical analyses of all the solutions in the treatment, pre-treatment and passivation baths, temperature and Ph control and measurement of the quantity of deposited solids. Constant checks and tests are performed every day on each individual batch of products.

Automatized control and monitoring of all production parameters in real time helps to maintain the standard of product quality.

Samarcu can provide CONFORMITY CERTIFICATES for each single product.

The Samarcu laboratory performs accurate tests on materials and has a large number of instruments: spectrophotometer, Hull cell, analytical scales, paint adherence test, etc.

In 2015 Samarcu obtain ISO 9001 certification for the electrolytic galvanising department, confirming the quality standards of the company.