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Quality Control

One of the main features of Samarcu supplies of electrolytic galvanization and powder coating consists in the quality of the products.
The quality is guaranteed by means of people professionalism who are able to do the physical-chemical analysis of all solution existing in the bathrooms, pre-treatment, in a passive state, the PH control and temperature, too; as well as the quantity of deposited substance.

The controls and tests are made daily on each batch produced.
The monitoring and control of the production parameters such as PH, temperature, concentration, in real time ensure the maintenance of quality and reproducibility of the product. Samarcu can provide the Certificate of Quality for each batch produced.
Samarcu laboratory has got a very high accuracy in different tests performed and the many modern instruments like: spectrometer, colorimeter, Hull cell, analytical scales, a room for Salina Fog tests and of course a few tests for paint adhesion and treatment. The final result of the Quality System consists in high quality products at a competitive price with a maximum respect for environment.

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