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Electrostatic powder coating

The adoption of powder coating painting responds perfectly to the market trends, very attentive to the quality of the products, but also the environment, ensuring a final product of high quality, having a low environmental impact.
Our installation has got a very high-performance (up to 96% recovered dust), fully automatic, directed by PLC and specially arranged for colouring pieces of maximum sizes (1200x500 mm).

These characteristics combined with automated warehouse storing goods to be treated, innovative solutions as concern painting supports and administration through PLC, let us obtaining a very high efficiency for the benefit of the final product.
Our suppliers paint, among the best at the international level, provide us the opportunity of offering a wide range of finishes from  transparent to metal, but also to sample, suitable for all the various needs of superficial appearance which may resist to corrosion and UV.

Our production system allows us the possibility of packaging the painted pieces in accordance with the clients regulation thus avoiding the possibility of damaging these pieces.

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