Quality services and environmental friendliness

Quality services and environmental friendliness "In 2001, when we were already world leaders in the manufacture of "anuba" hinges, we, Otlav, take a decision that was an important turning point for our company’s production cycles. The time was ripe to have faith in a nation where there was a strong atmosphere of trust and where it was possible to carry out a powder-based plasticization cycle that needed a lot of manual work to guarantee the best quality. After investigating the matter for two years, we chose Romania, a country full of enthusiasm and young people with a strong will to emerge. Here our choice was the city of Luduș, where we built a modern industrial shed equipped with high tech machinery. We are now highly satisfied and proud of the decision we made 20 years ago. Since then our experience has merged extremely well with the will of the hard-working citizens of Luduș, and with Romanian ingenuity we were able to develop production facilities with the latest technologies that observe the strictest environmental regulations while maintaining the highest standards of productivity and quality" - FABIO PADOVAN, Chairman, OTLAV group