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Electrolytic galvanization

We may galvanic in electrolysable area, with swivel-drums, different types of small metal works, (up to 300x300 mm), having thickness of Zn layer up to 20 microns, depending on the customer's need.
Depending on the customer's needs and the metal works characteristics, we may obtain different types of finishes:
- A blue zinc coating Cr 3
- A yellow zinc coating Cr 3
- Sealing anticorrosion
- Production line colouring
On demand of our clients we may obtain other passive types with special characteristics and a very high corrosive resistance.
All finishes are obtained with environmentally products from the last generation without Cr6.
Our fully automate equipment has got a very high productive capacity, this helping us to respect the needs of the market in a very short time including 24 hours. Everything depends on various demands of our clients.

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