Care for the environment


Years of experience

Technomagic for environmental friendliness!

SAMARCU is a company of OTLAV group

Samarcu is specialist in industrial processing with electrolytic galvanising and electrostatic powder coating and use technologies and chemicals that requires special care to environmental impact.

Performance criteria

Confirming the OTLAV philosophy for environmental issues and in order to achieve the best performance for our surroundings and employees workplace, SAMARCU permanently applies the criteria and actions listed below:

The technology and equipment used in our production activities and in protecting the environment represent a big share of the total investment.
Samarcu uses cutting edge technologies and equipment for its operations.

Together with highly efficient modern technology and low consumption of raw materials in the production flow, Samarcu uses the most ecological range of chemicals available.  Two examples:

  1. galvanising process without cyanides, chlorinated volatile organic solvents or chromium VI
  2. coating equipment that recovers > 93% overspray and uses paints without organic compounds or TGIC

Constant monitoring of production parameters, consumption, emissions and the workplace is part of Samarcu’s philosophy.

Samarcu regularly compares and adjusts parameters of consumption and emissions with those achieved in Europe by applying the best available techniques.

Achievement in 2005 of the second Integrated Environmental Authorisation (I.P.P.C.) in the region, renewed in 2010, is proof that Samarcu pays particular attention to monitoring and observing environmental quality standards relating to emissions into the air, water or soil.  The company also takes permanent action to avoid generating waste.

In 2015 Samarcu obtain ISO 9001 certification for the electrolytic galvanising shop, confirming the quality of company production processes.

Samarcu Assembly and packing

Last data report

The concrete results of Samarcu’s environmental protection policies can be seen in the graphs below, where the main values of air and water emissions as well as substance consumption are related to national reference standards and specific BAT values for our activity.