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S.C. SAMARCU S.R.L. is a company specialized in treatments of electrolytic zinc coating and spray-painting in electrostatic field. This type of industrial processing assume the use of technologies and chemicals which can have an impact more or less material to the environment based on how they were conceived.

Confirming the philosophy of the OTLAV group regarding the problems of the environment, with the aim of getting the best performances for the environment and for the work environment of the employees, Samarcu operated and operates by token of the criteria and actions resumed in the next 5 points:

1) The technology and the equipement brought both in the productive sector and in the protection of the environment area, representing 35% of the total amount of the investment, are the most modern and performant, allowed for the peculiarity of the activity.

2) With the high-technology which has a high level of efficiency and a low consumption of raw materials used in the production workflow, we also use the most ecological gamut of available chemicals. Here are two examples:

a) the process of zinc coating without cyanides, organic solvents chlorided and chrome VI
b) the painting installation with recovery over-spray >93% ans the use of the paintings without organic compounds or TGIC.

3) The constant monitoring of the production,consumer, emission parameters, as well as the work environment.

4) The comparison and the setting of our values of consumption and emissions with those resulted from the implementation of best techniques availables at european level (Best Available Techniques).

5) The achievement, in 2005, of the Integrated Environmental Authorization (I.P.P.C.) nr. 2 of the region, renewed in 2011. By this, SAMARCU takes account of the monitoring and the respect of the quality standards of the environment related to the emissions in the air, water and soil as well as measures relating to avoid the generation of the waste and the minimizing of the quantities.

The concrete results concerning Samarcu politics related to the protection of the environment can be observed in the following diagrams where the main values of the emissions in the air and water, as well as the consumptions of the chemicals, relate to the national reference standards ans to the BAT values, specific to our activity.






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